Yips braker

Yips problem is not mental, it's technical.

Some years ago I made a video on this topic »Yips problem is not mental, it’s technical«

Yips problem is not fun at all. You probably agree with me?

I know exactly how you feel because I went through this horror. I did a lot of researching and I had to go through a lot of thinking to find the core of it. Since I found what is the catch and where it starts  I can say I can help you fix this problem in quite a short period of time.

Till now I’ve had 100% sucess.

yips braker
Yips braker
Succession rate 100%

You probably still dont’t believe it’s possible to brake yips and to play golf with good feelings, with confidence and without this yips pain and blockade? Believe it, it is posible! 

When I was in this horror myself, I also thought this can not be fixed, because it was so deep and strong. I almost surrenderd to play with it for ever. 

Knowledge is freedom.

Why would you play golf with yips if it is breakable and fixable?! If you decide to break your yips for ever and if you want to play golf with free motions, contact me. I can help you. I can make you feel confident and strong with shots, which you aren’t at the moment because of yips.

If you go through my exclusive custom personal golf coaching, you can never ever experience yips!

We can agree on the project to break your yips for ever in any destination of the globe.

You just need to tell me what kind of problem you have and when would be the best time for you for us to meet and start working on this problem.