Exclusive Custom Personal Golf Coaching

It's not what's right or wrong, it's what works for you.

It's not what's right or wrong, it's what works for you. We will find the best way for you, to be the best version of yourself!

I’m not a golf coach for everybody. I coach only those who really want special care of their game. I coach those who want to experience a different dimension of learning and golf in general. I coach high achivers and best of the best. I coach those who are interested only for exclusive custom personal golf coaching. I coach classy people with style. Due to my premium quality of services, my fees are high.

  • You need privacy and want to experience joy, freedom, confidence, simplicity and progress in the process of learning and playing this game?
  • You need a personal golf coach for you and your family?
  • You wanna get better, lower your scores and win some tournements, feel confidence on the course, win some hazard skins games or just have good fun playing with your friends and family?
slavko papler pga pro

Yes, I can teach you to hit the ball longer and have more accuracy. I can teach you to become a master inside 100m. I can teach you to feel more comfortable on the green and make more putts.

If golf really means a lot to you, you for sure need a special care and a proper coaching so you don’t waste time playing with a lack of knowledge.

We can agree to work on this fun project in any destination of the globe. Both individual and family coaching is possible. We can agree on a few days, few weeks, few months or even one year of exclusive custom personal coaching. 

You can be a + HCP golfer, MID HCP golfer or beginner. With my 27 years of experience as pro and with more than 1300 golfers on my lessons, believe me I can find a good strategy to make you much better.